newone2A people person by nature, Wendy is known for her humor and for her ability to inspire, challenge, encourage, and motivate others to live a purposeful and abundant life. Her goal is to glorify God through helping others. For decades, Wendy worked fervently with youth and with families in crisis, helping them address and win their wars against poverty, low self-esteem, abuse, addictions, and hopelessness. She is regarded as a great counselor, writer, and speaker. She believes the words we release have power to create. Therefore, she is very careful and passionate about the words she releases.

Through the written and spoken word, she believes it is her mission and responsibility to stretch and challenge you to become better- to live your best life- To reach beyond mediocrity, beyond hurt, and beyond pain- to find the best part of you and live out of that person- to be authentic- to live in truth- to live out loud- to live an intentional life and impact and change the world around you- To be who God created you to be!

After an encounter with Wendy, you will understand that you actually have a choice in the life that you live- that you don’t have to accept average- that you don’t have to live a life of excuses-that you can have high standards and not compromise them. She reminds you that you were “Created by Greatness for Greatness and that if you transform your thoughts, you can transform your life!”

An avid student of the Word of God, Wendy brings a powerful message of hope and faith in God. She believes that with God, all things are possible (Luke 1:37). She leaves you inspired, challenged, motivated, and equipped to reach your full potential!

Wendy is crazy about her family. Next to Christ, She says her Mom (Harriett) and Dad (Percy, Jr.) are her greatest role models and biggest supporters. Wendy will also tell you that she is the sane one in the family however, her brothers and sister might not agree.

Wendy is a Specialist whose focus is on “inner” growth and development.  She is a proud Michigan State University graduate- a diehard Spartan! (#GoGreen!). She holds a Master of Science degree in Psychology and is currently working on completing her Ph.D in Psychology. In addition, she is an alumnus of the World Renowned Dale Carnegie Group and a founding member of Women in Action.

She is the Founder of Egeirō Productions & Publishing and serves as the Senior Managing Editor and Columnist for the top-notch Women’s Magazine, Beauty Come Forth.  Her written work can be seen in several magazines. In addition, she was a written contributor to the book “The day in the life: Diaries from women across America” by Cole, Joffrey, and Rakhra.

Wendy is the Author of the upcoming book ‘Wits, Wisdom, & Wendy!‘ and is currently completing several other projects, including the anticipated non-fiction book ‘EMERGE‘ as well a collection of inspirational poems designed to stir the soul and ignite the spirit within. She currently resides in Michigan.

If you would like to invite Wendy M. Reynolds to speak as a Keynote or Workshop Presenter at your upcoming event or would like to inquire about One on One sessions or her writing projects/products, please send a detailed letter of request to Wendyinspires@gmail.com.


Wendy Fun Facts!

  • She is the youngest of four children (But guarantees she’s not the “baby” of the family).
  • Her first name means “Friend”, “Motherly” and “Walks in God’s Steps”.
  • Her last name means “Brave Councilor” and “Well Advised Ruler”.
  • She loves good music, good food, and good friends.
  • Although she hasn’t physically birthed any children, she abcdehas plenty and couldn’t love them more!
  • She has a serious addiction to exquisite ink pens!
  • One of her closest friends nicknamed her “Drum Major”.
  • Her favorite place to hang out is by or on the water.
  • Writing is  her “get-a-way” spot.
  • She is a graduate of Michigan State University and is a diehard SPARTAN! Go Green!!
  • Next to her Mother’s food, her favorite food is Mediterranean.
  • She loves Gummy Bears, Gummy Worms (maybe too much) & can eat cereal for any meal of the day. (Pray for her!)
  • One of her favorite songs is “As” by Stevie Wonder.
  • She likes to be out in the rain and loves a good rain and thunder storm.
  • When her mind is cluttered, she will get in the car or truck and drive (with no particular destination) just to clear her mind-doesn’t matter what time it is.
  • She treasures peace.
  • She believes ultimate happiness is not based on your skin color, pant size, income level, gender, marital status or a trouble free life.
  • She believes that you are amazing and once you gain an understanding of who you are and the true value you bring to the world every day, you cannot be stopped!
  • She is confident of who she is and refuses to let the opinions of other people or life’s circumstances define her or deter her.
  • She’ll talk (and listen) to anybody! 🙂
  • She has been a people person her whole life and has never been mic shy!


Frequently Requested Topics

1. GRACED FOR GREATNESS: Created by Greatness for Greatness!

You are not merely here to exist.  You were created with something specific, something significant, and something great to impart into the lives of others and into the world around you. While many are on a search for personal fame and fortune, it is walking in purpose, the understanding of who you are and what you have to contribute, and your willingness to contribute that unveils greatness, makes you significant and sets you on the road to making an incredible difference and living an extraordinary and fulfilling life.

What is real Greatness? How can it be obtained? Why is it our responsibility to walk in it? How can we help ignite or stir up the greatness in others (family members, employees, church members, students)? These questions and more are addressed in this eye opening and passionate presentation.

2. CHALLENGES, CHOICES, & CHANGE: Transform your thoughts, Transform your life!

In order to successfully navigate through personal and professional challenges, get unstuck, and make positive changes we must challenge our current way of thinking and expose ourselves to different ways of doing things. We must come to the realization that there are things we can do that will alter the course we are on. Many times, because of past experiences, we get into the mode of thinking that life “just happens” to us. The concept that we have choices- choices which could dramatically change the course of life is simply foreign to most people. The questions what are you willing to do, what are you willing to give, and what are you willing to sacrifice are questions we must all ask ourselves.

If you are ready to move forward and live your best life, you must own your actions, take back your power, and transform your thoughts.  As a person thinks, so is he.


All one has to do is turn on the television, look out the window, or perhaps just get out of the bed to understand that the world we live in today is filled with hopelessness.  The news saturates us with stories of increasing crime, high unemployment,  all time low graduation rates, increased suicides,  foreclosures, teens gone wild, crooked politicians, fallen from grace preachers … We are living in challenging times but don’t believe the hype.  Your best life is NOT over.  In a day when people and circumstances are screaming out, “Don’t get your hopes up,” Wendy stands as an Agent of Hope. She understands that hopelessness is the biggest weapon used by the enemy.  She knows that hopelessness is a direct contradiction of who we are and what we believe. She encourages, imparts, and arms you with the only weapon that is effective against hopelessness… HOPE. Today is an excellent day to get your hopes up!


What is culture? How does the culture of your workplace, church, organization, family… impact relationships, productivity and outcomes? Truthfully, is it plagued with poor work ethics, unhealthy competition, poor relationships and revolving doors? How can you change the culture in order to produce a happier environment, stronger people, better relationships and better outcomes. We spend lots of time building businesses, churches… but often forget to build people first. Wendy discusses the importance of providing an atmosphere that builds people in order to create over all lasting success.

5. THE POWER OF YOUR WORDS: A Message to Writers & Speakers


6. E.M.E.R.G.E.



3 comments on “WENDY M. REYNOLDS: Bio

  1. I was in the Ramada Conference Center and walked by your gathering on Sat. and talked to Pastor Mark about 11/11/11 in Detroit & that is what had me look up their names and I found your site and sent RESURRECT YOUR DREAM to gals under me trying to build a business in Shaklee. I thought you would encourage them……………..Be Blessed!!!

  2. Wendy, you are truly an amazing woman! I am so inspired by how live and represent your life and share your wisdom! We have much in common!

    This year, we must make time to check in on one another! I will make a conscious effort!


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