Treat Yourself & Someone You Love To A Gift Of Inspiration!

inspiredThe world is filled with hopelessness. People are faced with all types of situations today that have turned their world upside down. You can’t even turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper without being saturated with bad news of rising crime, failing schools, high unemployment, crooked politicians, teens gone wild, people fallen from grace…  Sometimes all you have to do is wake up in your own home to experience crisis. People are literally being pushed to the brink. Here’s your opportunity to be a part of something wonderful and full of hope! You can treat yourself and someone you love to a gift of inspiration– something that will serve as a daily  encouragement and reminder of hope.

I believe God has blessed me with the gift and ability to speak and write words that reach the heart- words that will Inspire, Challenge, Engage, Encourage, and Empower you and others to step out on faith and create positive and lasting changes in your life as well as in the world around you.

Listen, if we ever needed hope before, we need it now. If there is ever a need for us to stir up our gifts in order to influence and impact those around us, it is now. We never know what someone is going through. We never know when our words, our presence and a little nudge in the right direction could make all the difference.  It is never the wrong time to sow seeds of faith, hope, and love into the hearts of others. Give a gift of inspiration today! Couldn’t you use a word of encouragement & positive reminder throughout your day? Email me at or just click Wendy Inspires or call 248.202.4310. Let’s talk about your customized inspirational needs.

Samples: (All words ©Wendy M. Reynolds and cannot be copied or reproduced in any form without written consent.)


Remind yourself & someone you love that you/they were “Created by GREATNESS for GREATNESS!”© with a simple silicone bracelet. Colors: Green w/White lettering. 😁
Currently in stock.  $6
#EgeirõWMR: We’re Changing the world- one life and one word at a time!
#PackOneAwayWithYourCollegeBoundKid #MakesACoolLittleAddOnGift
#PutItInsideAnEncouragingCardOrLetter #RememberWordsArePowerful #SometimesTheLittleThingsMakeABigDifference
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poster brill




Happiness poster

Inner Happiness Poster

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WAKE UP & ARISE Poster/Bookmark


HOPE Poster/Bookmark

Book mark Pursue

Pursue Bookmark

Book mark Greatness

Greatness Bookmark

Book mark Back

Back of Bookmarks

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or call 248.202.4310


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