I’m Ready!

Dear Heavenly Father,

You are a Great God and I’m reflective of Your image which makes me great!  I thank You Lord that You have empowered me, through Your holy Word and by Your power that works within me, to go to another level of excellence in my thinking, in my behavior, in my worship, in my giving, and in my overall living.  Father, I want You to know that I recognize the greatness that You have placed in me and I’m no longer afraid of it.  I understand that I have a responsibility to be great and create an atmosphere which will cause other people to elevate themselves and produce positive lasting changes in their lives.  I believe You have gifted me in that area.

I believe You have provided me with the opportunity, people and resources I need to fully accomplish all that You have placed on the inside of me to do. I am prepared for every opportunity that You bring.  I walk in the faith and wisdom that You have given to me.  I’m focused and moving straight ahead into my destiny.   I also believe that my operating at my fullest potential will not harm me mentally, physically, spiritually, socially or financially.  I believe that I won’t be stressed or overwhelmed.  I’ll be happy, healthy, fulfilled and living the abundant life!

 I believe there is enough time- plenty of time to work, play and rest. There is plenty of time to invest in and enjoy all the great people in my life.  I believe I will be the example of living a balanced life.

God, You know I’m excited!  I’m bound no longer by fear! I’m about to live my best life ever.  I’m ready because You said I was.  I’m limited no longer by faulty thinking.  I can do all things because You said I can.  I believe in Me because You believe in Me!

 I’m ready to touch people’s lives- touch their hearts with Your love! 

I’m ready to go higher in You- Ready to live an intentional life- Ready to represent You-Ready to shock the world with Your greatness.  Yeah, I’m Ready – Ready to live my dreams as well as invest in other people’s God given dreams.


My expectations are high!  I am a blazing fire and I’m passionate about living!



3 comments on “I’m Ready!

  1. I like the site i like coming on here and reading it you keep people like me on the early stage of writing very hopeful!

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