friends SE

Sharon Lawrence-Taylor, Me, Eileen R. Rice



With Kaplan Mobray, 2016



With Scott Ashley, 2016



With Carlotta Davis



Great MSU Spartan Friends, 2015

 Downtown Detroit with my MSU Spartan BRODY Crew! #GoGreen!!


With Yolande (Yogi) Smithers Moore, 2016



Hanging out with “Women In Action” (April 2014 Event)



Me and Senator Gretchen Whitmer

Me and Senator Gretchen Whitmer


Michelle McGuire, Sabrina Todd, Rochelle Ridgell, Desiree Kirkland, Kay Porter and Me

With Freddie Kirkland, III

With Freddie Kirkland, III

The LMT Black Tie Scholarship Fundraiser: Sherrie Henderson, Charles Marion, Me, and Roy McCloud

With Jimmy Hill (Chef Of The Year)

With Michelle McGuire & Sheila Taylor

“The Party” before “The Party” 🙂 with Beauty Come Forth’s CEO, Myra Wallace

The Exclusive Party before the Party. With Nailah Harris-Lee and Karicean Michelle

With Kevin Harry celebrating!

With Kevin Harry (Inside Edition, Producer) celebrating!

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