Family Matters! (Photos)

My Beautiful Mom!

My Beautiful Mom!

with Freddie sharing our Birthday Season!

12310586_10208300820902271_7926140627229467184_nsibsphoto bomb


Dre and Pat

My Nephew Andre with Patricia Clackley


My cousin Mark Peterson on The Rachael Ray Show


Angellec, Devin, and the Happy TSU Graduate (2009) Chantel Reynolds!
Angellec (neice), Devin (Nephew), and the Happy TSU Graduate (2009) Chantel Reynolds (Niece)!

Jatonia graduating Langston College(2008) and receiving her Teachers certificate!

My nephew Devin!

My nephew Devin!






New photo of Uncle Buddy and His high school Sweetheart “Lucenda!”


Mom and Us (Her “Wonderful” Children)

Dad aka Elder or is that “SmokeStack Percy!” Wellsman is to the left.

Me and my cousins Michael and Marc


My Great- Nephews Deion and Taylor on Holloween

dancing Dad

My sister Michele and our Dad


My Sweet Great-Niece Lilly laying on her Dad’s (My nephew Devin) back

my guys

Me with my God given Sons, Emanuel and Kevin. Twin Power!


Uncle Moses!

Uncle Arthur!

Uncle Arthur!

Stephannie in a hot air balloon. She is looking good, isn't she?

Check out Stephannie! She is looking good!!! Go ahead Cuz! We see YOU girl!!!! In the first picture, she is in high in the sky in a hot air balloon!

May 10, 2008 Group photo with the Belmont Graduate! Front row: My nephews Chris, Andre (The graduate), Me, My Nephew Devin. Back Row, My brother Wellsman and wife Gayla (the Proud Parents), Mom and Dad (Our foundation), My brother Bernad’s Wife Lanette, and my sister Michele.

Almost same picture as above except my brother Bernard is in it (Back row, 2nd from the right)

My Niece Angellec (in the middle) Playing her violin at her graduation (Nashville School of the Arts)

Angellec, the Grauate!

The Man!

Andre (the Graduate) looking like he is on his way to close a billion dollar deal!

Meet my new great-nephew, Mr. Taylor C. Reynolds! Isn’t he adorable???!!!!

Dad and Mom laughing with Aunt Johnnie

Dad & Mom joking around with Auntie Johnnie!

My Siblings

Bernard, Michele and Wellsman

My Siblings

Michele swinging across the jungle!

Michele, girl, where did you get the nerve?!?

My Neices Chantel & Angellec and of course my Nephew Percy

Mom and Auntie Honey

Stephannie sent in “Mom and Auntie Honey.” In the background you can see Uncle Moses, Mary, Wick, and others having a good time. Who is that man that looks like he’s praying or something?


Take a look at the Reynolds Family! It’s good to see brother’s and sister’s together. Great looking family. Those good looks just past right down to the next generation! I think “Delgenia” sent this photo in. Thanks cuz!


More Reynolds- Terrence is looking pretty serious. And who is that pretty little girl being held by her cousin Michele? Does she belong to Terrence? Bernard and Wellsman also posing for the camera

My cousin Chris Harrell and his beautiful kids; Chris and wife Jade, and Little Miss Harrell!

Wellsman, Michele,, Beverly, Terrance and Angellec

Just Family: Wellsman, Michele, Beverly, Terrance and Angellec!

Devin with Son T aylor, Uncle Percy with Taylor and once again Father and son!

The Bandy Girls! We have to add Auntie Pollie to complete the photo.

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14 comments on “Family Matters! (Photos)

  1. You have a beautiful spirit Wendy. It doesn’t surprise me that your family looks warm and welcoming.

  2. Oops! My Bad Delgenia-I’m correcting the spelling of your name right now! :- ) You know I had to have a few errors. I didn’t want people to think I was perfect! Send me some photo’s. Wellsman has sent me a lot over the last week or so. THEY are amazing. Some from back in the day in St. Louis and others. I don’t know where he got them. I’m working on getting them put in. The time just seems to escape me. Glad you took the time to stop by!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been thinking about you all!!

  3. A great culmination to the great Mother’s Day. Thanks for sharing the joy and blessing of your family. Safe travels for your journey home!

  4. Wendy,

    I finally was able to pull up the pictures of Mother Day and the Graduation as well as others. Thanks so very much for this wonderful information about our family. You are a God sent. Continue your excellent writing and awesome creativity.

  5. Wendy,

    I trust you received my comments as I am not too good with the skills of the computer. I shall be looking to see you this year as you promised

  6. Wendy, I read some of your writing. I am a classmate from Cody. Keep up the good fight of faith. Even though we have not met, I Hope we can become friends.

    May The Good LORD always smile upon you.

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