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What’s In A Name?

Egeirõ {e-gā’-rō} is a Greek word. Its meaning: to cause to rise; to awaken; to arouse from death; to raise up; to stir up; to construct; to cause to appear; to produce; to collect/gather one’s faculties- something Wendy M. Reynolds is fully aware of and has earned the right to speak and write about, as she refuses to be defined by life’s circumstances and rises to the challenge of awakening to and living out her own dreams and purpose.

Wendy is a daughter of Detroit, Michigan and a Michigan State University Spartan. She has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Psychology. She spent over 20 years working directly in the trenches with families in immediate crisis, 7 years helping to build Beauty Come Forth, a phenomenal online magazine (designed to motivate, inspire and transform), and spent years serving our community in multiple ways. Through EgeirõWMR, she is blessed to have found a way to marry and merge her skills and wisdom as a counselor, her love for the written word and her desire to inspire and empower others.

Who we are:

EgeirõWMR Productions & Publishing is the branch of Wendy M. Reynolds Global that focuses on discovering, developing and unleashing the inspired and creative written word (through books, cards, products, inspired journaling…) as means to challenge and compel you to recover your life, resurrect your dream, and let the authentic you emerge. 

Our Global Mission is to inspire hope- to challenge, engage, encourage and empower the world through the written word.  We believe that in pursuing & fulfilling our mission, we can and will impact and change the world- one life and one word at a time.

We also aim to help people find their voices and locate their strength, as opposed to shame, through their own personal stories and in the midst of their own struggles.  When we are able to see strength in the midst of struggles, we have a better chance at changing the course of our lives as we learn to see ourselves and circumstances differently. As part of EgeirõWMR, we long to provide workshops and initiate groups that can foster this important work.

We are here to make a difference and an impact in the world around us. Therefore, as part of fulfilling our dream of changing lives- one life and one word at a time, EgeirõWMR is committed to sowing into and serving our community. A portion of our proceeds, as well as a portion of our time, will be sown right back into the people, programs and communities who need our help or who are helping to make a positive impact in the community.

We are excited to take this chance to do what we were created to do!


EgeirõWMR Productions & Publishing:

Wendy M. Reynolds, Founder




Cards By Egeirõ Productions & Publishing:

ignite5Get ready to experience an amazing new line of greeting cards by Egeirõ. These are not your average cards. Cards by Egeirõ are specifically designed to inspire, empower, challenge, and give hope. Visually stimulating with words that go straight for the heart. 

The recipient of a card by Egeirõ will know that someone cared enough to take the time to find an “on point” word of encouragement meant especially for him or her.  Electronic cards are okay, but there is just something special- something personable about being handed a physical card or getting a card, with just the right words, in your mailbox. Let us dare to return to personable, thoughtful, heart warming,… It will be an incredible feeling. We always say, “If you received an Egeirõ, you MUST be loved!”

Look for us soon!

A majority of profits will go to help families in crisis as well as to establish The Life Foundation and The DARE TO LIVE project, a project designed to encourage others (especially our youth) to see the significance, value and purpose in their lives, as well as in the lives of others.

Egeirõ Productions & Publishing: 248.202.4310  Screenshot_2015-12-21-18-34-37-1-1Screenshot_2016-06-02-09-23-03-1


One comment on “Egeirõ Productions & Publishing

  1. Ahhhhhhh! In case you couldn’t tell I’m very excited for you; well deserved and expected. I pray God’s strength for you and I encourage you to continue to be the woman that God had purposed you to be. Dynamic!
    Be blessed!

    In His Service-Destined & Purposed
    Cheryll D. Cooks, Minister/Prophet/Evangelist
    God’s Elect Ministries
    Church Hurt Conferences

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