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12038544_10207818095074427_6750409248098813761_nHey Everyone, Thank you so much for stopping by. Trust me, I’m honored. I don’t take it lightly. I thank God for the opportunity to share my thoughts and portions of my heart with you. Writing is my get-a-way spot.  It is a place that brings clarity. It is in this place where God speaks to my heart and tells me, “Well done” or “Look at it from this angle” or “Hold on!” or “Wendy, you are totally screwing up.”

He deals with me on me and on the people and things around me. In the midst of everything that I write, one thing that God continually reminds me of is this: “Wendy, I’m here!”

When you leave this site, I hope you leave inspired and challenged. I hope you are compelled to live your dreams and impact lives. Be reminded that God is with you. You matter to Him. He has a plan for your life and He will always fulfill His promises to you. You are amazing and you were created to do amazing things! Yeah… you! You can do it. Recognize His greatness and strength- even in the midst of your own weaknesses, pain and victories and watch what happens!

Once again, thanks for stopping by and come back often. Feel free to leave me a comment.

Ahhh… Let’s go!

Wendy M. Reynolds



47 comments on “About Higher Heights/Guest Sign In

  1. Wendy,
    You are truly gifted of God to share your heart and cause others to think about their path and where it leads. Bri’

  2. Wendy, that was beautiful. It made me do some thinking about my life. Keep the good work up. Love you Auntie Mary

  3. Hey, thanks for the comments. Glad to see you out here stopping by Auntie Mary. Be sure to check out the photo’s on the “Family Matters” page. Also, when folks get a chance, check out Mark Petterson’s web page. He is great! That’s my Cuz! You can click on the link on my home page. Actually both he and Sabrina (Bri’) Todd are fabulous musicians. So I appreciate them finding time to stop by. Wendy

  4. Wendy, my God girl, you are an incredible writer but an even more incredible person! I’m glad to know you. You’ve definately helped change my life. I can’t wait for the rest of the world to get to know you. God bless! Love, James Hernandeis

  5. Hey, this is great stuff. I can’t stop by too often since it reminds me of how much I need to change. I’m working on it, believe it or not. Thanks for the inspiration and for “not losing your voice.” See, you didn’t think I was listening.

  6. Alex just called me and told me to look at your page. It is great! I see Essence in the future. Why are you not writing for them already?

  7. What an anointing! God has truly blessed you with an extrodinary ability to paint with words. You will never know how many lives you have touched not only by your writing, but by your listening; I am one of the blessed ones! There is none like you no where; and you know that!

    Keep on keepin’ on my sistah!

  8. Wendy,

    If I keep reading, I will start crying at work and probably be docked some time. This site is simply awesome. I am sooooooooo happy that we re-connected. You have been and will always be a friend. God is doing and has done amazing things through you to keep his word alive. At this time of my life, I need to be reminded daily of his goodness. Whatever, I can do to support your vision, I will.

    One of your greatest writing fans—Cheryl Tomlinson

  9. Wendy, Just wanted to stop by and check out your writing. You are just as inspirational in writing as you are in person. Thanks for the great work you do and for the personal time you took to help my family become stronger and healthier. We won’t forget. When you come to Palm Beach, you always have a home! God bless. Alvin C.

  10. Very impressive & inspiring words Ms. Reynolds. I look forward to working with you in the near future. Brenda M.

  11. Amazing site Wendy. Inspiring & way cool!! I’ll add it to my favorite places to visit. 😉 Thanks for doing your thing. Come visit when you’re in NYC. Mark Drake

  12. Hey Wendy, God have truly blessed you with the gift of words and knowing how to put them together like you do. I look forward to reading more. Love ya. Jean

  13. You are truly a blessing, the way God speaks though you. I am so proud of you. Love you cousin.

  14. Hey Wendy,

    Just stopping by. I really enjoy reading your writings. Keep writing & write more often. The world needs more hope. Your writing reminds us of the better things- the things that give us hope. Thanks.
    Alisha A.

  15. Wonderful, Anointed and Personal all at the same time. It is time. Keep bringing forth what God has placed on the inside of you. I pray for doors to be open as your gift makes room for you. Stay encouraged & don’t stop pouring out.

  16. Ms. Reynolds,

    What a wonderful site and a wonderful source of inspiration. You have been in so many people’s corner inspiring, cheering, encouraging. You have been one of the worlds best kept secrets. It is time for “YOU” to come out of hiding. Lets connect soon. When are you in Manhatten again? I’m in Michigan in November.

  17. Wendy, guess who? You know I haven’t got you figured yet. I used to think, “Who is this Woman that God has given this unusual ability to reach past the toughness of males & see the heart and help them to see themselves in a different and more positive way without losing their self respect & dignity in the process?” But now I see that gift or call or whatever you want to call it is not limited. You have a gift, a “something” that reaches beyond the stuff that covers us to get to the heart and get people to see they can be better & that we have to value God & our lives. You have the ability to touch men, women & children. My wife & I were talking about you yesterday. We wanted to find you & say thanks & hello. We wanted to reconnect. We googled you and well, we ended up here. Please email us when you get a chance so we can exchange info. & connect. Hope to hear from you soon. Glad we found you.

  18. Wendy,
    It doesn’t matter what you write, or when you write it. It is alway the right word (or words) to encourage, motivate, or just cause us to think. Thank you for being obedient to do what, (uh-oh I’m going to church on you) thus sayeth the Lord.
    My front row friend.

    P.S. ‘Divinely defined’ – Now you know that’s a song. Don’t get me started!

  19. Hey, Wendy.

    As usual, your writing has inspired me to do better and to be better. You also got me writing a little bit again!!! I love you, cuz.

    If you write it, I will read it. 🙂


  20. Hey Lady. Are you hiding? We didn’t see you at any of the MSU homecoming Alumni events & you are not answering your phone. Half the school was and is looking for you. We even won the game (yeah, baby, yeah.. Go STATE!!) We are in your city & we can’t find you!! Where is my friend?? I even stopped by to. Don’t make me start singing the song Have ya see her! Well, I decided to stop by your page where I know I can at least see your picture & get a dose of inspiration & hope. We need it in a day like today and as always you gave it. I enjoyed reading what you wrote. Keep writing and I know we’ll see that book, that poem, or hear that song soon. You’re the best! I’ll be in Michigan until tomorrow. Hope to hear from you. Call me! If you’re at church, I’ll even come to church (smile–seriously!). Call me.

  21. Hey Wendy,

    I hope all is well and hopefully the path is becoming more vivd for you and an everything thats going on. I know you will do great things for people . You have taught me so much about patience and hard work.

    Thanks for everything!

  22. Hi Wendy. I hope you had a fun birthday. I like reading your stuff. It is very good. Keep it up. You are a great person. I hope you know that. I’m sure you do since you remind me of it all the time. Just joking.

  23. Wow, powerful! If we saw ourselves as the Creator see’s us the word potential would not exist. We’d already “be” the thing we already are created in HIS image; the one that IS and IS to COME. The pen of the “ready writer” truly flow through your hand. Continue to “Walk it out”!

  24. I like your web page. It is thought provoking. I need to learn “how” to see me as God sees me. When I was in church i felt like a failure because i couldnt be what they wanted me to be all the time.

  25. Thank you ‘anointed’ ready writer. We are fearfully and wonderfully made in His image and His likeness and that is an “awesome” thing.


  26. Who’s my hero? “Everyone know’s it Wendy!” You go girl. You’re looking hot in your convertible. When are we going to see a picture of you styling in it? I want to be you when I grow up :-).

    Your favorite sister I think

  27. Thanks Wendy for your personal email addressing my comments. I’m sure you’re busy but you still took out the time. Thank you. Jason

  28. Thanks Wendy for being such a blessing to the Body of Christ with the gift that God has given you. I pray that God will continue to refresh you as you refresh others. Your Sister in Christ!

  29. I’m so glad I finally came by for a visit. Thanks for inspiring me to continue on my unique quest to serve God in the way that He would have it to be done.

  30. I’m glad I checked my emails! Your page looks great! Love you, will visit often to see what Thus Says The Lord through You!! Love you. Hope to hear from you soon.

  31. Ms. Reynolds, a friend of mine here in Texas told me about your website. This was my first time visiting it and I couldn’t stop reading. So many things spoke to me. I loved Bring it, Redeemed, and Under developed but full of potential! When the written word can reach inside the heart, that is awesome. I also viewed the Beauty Come Forth magazine. I loved it and will be checking back weekly and will tell my friends to do the same. I guess I’m just trying to say, “I’m glad I found you.” Thanks.

    Marcia Peters

  32. Wendy, thank you for the beautiful article you wrote in ‘Beauty Come Forth” magazine. It was an excellent interview and so I followed your link. I am inspired by your writing. Thank you for your bold stand for Christ and for taking the time to write all that He’s done in your life. I will continue to come back and read your work. Myra is a good friend of mine. I’m so glad to connect with you. Continue your great work! Blessings!

  33. I love your site. Your writing is both encouraging and refreshing. My collegue told me about it. I also read “Surviving Christianity,” listened to the “Battle Ready Prayer” (I had to go get my husband and let him listen to it),and followed the link to the “Beauty Come Forth magazine.” I loved it. Thank you and I will be back.

    Deborah Mackey
    Salt Lake City, Utah

  34. Wendy, I absolutely love your website. Everything about it is encouraging and uplifting. So glad that after all these years, I am communicating with you! You’ve almost become a lifeline for me …nothing but God! Keep up the good work. Your writing is amazing & moving!

  35. Hello Wendy Reynolds. Don’t know if you remember me, Travis Holman from Michigan State University. It’s been some years. I have enjoyed reading through higher heights. You have not changed. You’re still living the good life and inspiring others to do the same. You always had that “something different, something special” thing going on. I don’t know if you knew it or not but so many of us got through MSU and life period back then because of the God in you. Although you were a student just like us, you were not. The wisdom and concern that you had for us back than was something. We told you everything and you still liked us. lol. I still can’t believe we were all the same age. What a good friend you were. Keep up the good work. I wish you so much success. If anyone deserves it, it is you.

  36. Excellent Wendy. I’m also glad to hear about your writing with Beauty Come Forth magazine. You’re overdue.It was only a matter of time before someone scooped you up. I’ll check it out in a minute. I’m also waiting to hear about your break into TV. You were born to reign in media and on the stage. You are a natural. I’m keeping an eye on you.

  37. Hello Wendy. I don’t know if you’ll remember but we met in Zig Ziglar’s VIP section. Well actually, you were a Platinum Person (so I guess you were the real VIP :-)). I was the one who told you you were just as inspiring & needed to be on stage.

    I hope you are well. Just like last year, I am once again inspired by you. This time through your writing.

    You have an amazing gift of inspiring people through words. I
    recall last year how you inspired our whole table of strangers during lunch. What a cool personality you have. If you are speaking anywhere, especially close to Texas, let me know. I sent you my contact info. I do get to MI at least once a year.

    God bless you Wendy Reynolds
    Bill Grey

  38. I never read anything you wrote but I sure heard you talk a whole lot. Hahaha. You taught us not to settle for a bad life and that even though we may go through bad things, we will make it. I believe your words were, “You’ll make it. You have to because someone needs you to be the difference in their life. You were born to make a difference. You were born to change the world!”. Funny how I still hear those words. I wrote them down two years ago. Thank you for making a difference in me.
    BJ Jenkins

  39. I have read some of your writings and I have just enough time today to tell you that I just dropped by. Look out, I may do it again sometime.

    Thanks for your ever present positivity.

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