3 comments on “Under Developed But Full of Potential (Part One)

  1. This was good. I’ll look for pt. 2. Its so important to connect with our God in a real relational way. When I accepted Chist about a while back, getting connected with people & the work of the church was stressed (which is important) but no one really stressed or informed me how to get close to God…you know what I mean? I grew into a relationship with the “things” of God rather than “with” God. I still struggle with knowing how. Right now, I am not even in church because so many people in the church who I connected with proved to be fake. So I stopped going. But i know something is missing.

  2. Okay, this was dated October 29th and I am just now reading it :0 However, it was just what I needed when I needed it. Thank you so much. You spoke the cry of Daddy’s heart and it blessed me. Sometimes we forget…..Anyway, I was thinking about this scripture and thought I’d drop it in the comments.
    Acquaint now yourself with Him [agree with God and show yourself to be conformed to His will] and be at peace…(Job 22:21)
    Luv ya!

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