3 comments on “Changing Seasons

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  2. I receive my new season! Very powerful and encouraging words. I woke this morning expecting from God and these words have confirmed He has already put me in that season I have been preparing to see! It’s here and I am excited about it! Love you Wendy! I am so glad you let God use you, because the body needs you. Stay Blessed

  3. Wendy, once again thank you for your unique and inspirational approach to approaching life with passion and purpose. I accept your challenge; What I’m doing today to move forward is keep my mind’s station tuned to God’s Word and His truth. As I nourish my soul and spirit from His bounty, I’m able to move forward with my business partners and make positive steps toward financial freedom in Christ. I choose to eat a steady diet of God’s food: fruit, vegetables, poultry & fish to nourish my temple properly. I choose to speak words of affirmation, kindness and love toward my family, friends and whomever I meet daily. I choose to forgive those who have hurt me as He has forgiven me (and as I have forgiven myself for my failures). I commit to continually pray for my loved ones who are ill, physically and spiritually. I choose today to refer all my friends to Higher Heights to be inspired in their journey. Thanks Wendy and God bless you even more than ever!

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